Over the years some of our most treasured pictures can get damaged by accidents and/or faded by sunlight. I do my utmost to repair any actual damage and restore the original colour, contrast and vibrance.

An example of blotches

This is when whole areas of the photo have been completely removed

An example of fading with creases

In this case the image was both faded and had become creased due to being covered in cellophane which had shrunk over time

An example of colour fading

This photo had sat in full sunlight for several years bleaching out the colour

Please note: I need to have the original photograph or negative to carry out restoration work. This can be sent to me by recorded delivery in a photo envelope. Cost of postage both to and from me is borne by the client.

My Prices

Firstly, it’s important to say that I make no upfront charge for my work.

I then only charge if I am satisfied that I have made a substantial improvement in the picture.

Even then, I only request payment when the client is satisfied with the finished print.

Up to and including A5 size

(148 x 210 mm)


(210 x 297 mm)