My Story…

From Childhood memories

I remember as a child standing in my father’s darkroom watching as the white photographic paper, dipped in developer solution, slowly changed as the image appeared. To me, at that very young age, it was like magic!

That experience sat so firmly in my mind that I knew I would always have a fascination with photography.

Coming from a very poor family I was encouraged to get a “proper” job so I could ensure my future financial stability. This I did, eventually becoming a senior manager with the G.P.O. (now British Telecom). I never lost interest in photography but it took a back seat while I progressed with my career, had a family and got on with day to day life.

These days I am fortunate enough to pursue my love of photography, especially portraits. Not just people but also animals and peoples’ pets.

I also repair old , faded and torn photographs. Being able to restore old photographs to most of their former state is very rewarding – both for myself and the clients who bring them to me.

More recently I have become involved with music visualisation, creating Youtube videos to accompany music tracks. To date I have created about fifteen videos for various musicians.

Jaguar Woman is a video interpretation of a photo I took of my life partner and soulmate Syringa. The music is by Ricky Bombino.